public relations 1 the work of presenting a good image of an organization, person, etc., to the public

    So, I am a post-graduate student at Centennial College studying Corporate Communications and Public Relations.  Seeing as it is a post-grad program, my peers and I have all graduated from college or university.  We are all mature individuals who are soon to be entering the “real world,” or are we?

     I’ve included the definition to public relations from the Oxford Canadian Dictionary because it is the field we are all vying to enter.  Soon enough when we have graduated from Centennial, our job will be , as Alan Chumley of Hill & Knowlton stated, “to project and protect your client’s reputation.”  But what about our own reputations now?  

     Alan was a guest speaker this afternoon in one of our classes and was great.  Charismatic, informative, funny.  I think I can speak for the class when I say that we all walked away with a great impression of Alan Chumley.  But I wonder what Alan’s opinions of us were.  For the most part, I believe we came across as being mature, interested and well-mannered. 

     However, with that being said,  there seem to be a handful of people who fail to realize that when a guest presenter is speaking, you listen.  Do people really think that whispers can’t be heard or that the clicking of the laptop keyboard is silent???  It is not only a bad reflection on the individual but on our class, our teachers and our school. 

     I don’t mean to attack, but it is something that is quite bothersome.  I think a reality check is in order.  Think about your personal image and the type of PR you are putting out for yourself.  Your day-to-day attitude and etiquette is of the utmost importance, ESPECIALLY in our field.