A few weeks ago, I dined at the newly renovated Moxie’s Restaurant at Fairview Mall.  I won’t go through the entire ordeal but will tell you that it was such an experience that it drove me to writing my FIRST letter of complaint and to tell everyone that I knew about the horrible service.  I was basically starting a movement to boycott the Moxie’s at Fairview Mall (talk about bad PR). 

bad service

In my letter, I outlined the entire night from start to finish and sent it off to the manager of the restaurant.  I really didn’t know what kind of response to expect as it was my first letter of this kind.  The next day I received an email that not only addressed my concerns, but offered a form of reimbursement as well.

I have yet to return back to use my certificate and give the restaurant another shot at satisfying and impressing me (and I will be sure to fill you in on the details when I do return), but what I was impressed with is the level of service the manager gave with his letter and his offering.  More importantly, looking at it from a PR point of view, the way in which he communicated his key messages as well as Moxie’s key messages.

The very purpose of our company is to give our guests an experience that leaves them feeling better when they leave our restaurant than they felt when they first arrived.  We clearly missed the mark by a large degree last Friday evening.  We will apply the tough lessons from this series of inappropriate events to ensure we provide an excellent dining experience for all of our guests in the future.

The letter was obviously longer than this bit I have provided, but this section was what got my attention. As a PR student, I am impressed as he has successfully reiterated key messages, but as a customer, the inclusion of the Moxie’s corporate speak irked me a tad. By wearing both hats, I see both the pros and cons to this, but as a budding PR professional, it makes me worry that what we do will irk when it is supposed to reassure.

Perhaps I am crazy, or perhaps there are others who share the same feelings?