This month has seemed to d-r-a-g on forever.  I don’t feel like going out.  I don’t want to do my homework.  I don’t want to go to work.  I just want to do nothing.  I’ve got no motivation to do anything, ever.  I try to stay upbeat, positive and energized, but I just can’t shake the slump I’m in.

At first I thought it was just me who had somehow turned into a lazy bum, but apparently, and thankfully, I’m not the only one.  It seems that everyone I talk to feels the same way.  I ask how they are doing and the response I always get is, ‘BLAH.’ 

So, I’ve decided to look further and see what the heck is going on with everyone – and this is what I have found out:

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression is related to the shortage of light we encounter in the winter months.  This shortage of light causes a lack of energy to carry out daily activities.  To treat SAD, there are various light therapies you can undertake, however, are time consuming and expensive.

There is an actual medical condition for what we are all going through.  Who knew the amount of light you get can affect your mood so greatly?  Remind me never to move to the Arctic!

If light therapy isn’t your thing, here are a few helpful tips on fighting the winter blues:

  • Learn something new.  It should help take your mind off the blues.
  • Curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.
  • Get together with friends and have a night at home – veg out and have fun doing it (board games are always great).
  • Catch up on renting all those movies you’ve always wanted to see
  • Pamper yourself with a day at the spa – a massage is a must
  • Go shopping!  All stores are clearing out their winter stock and the deals are a steal!
  • Get outside and enjoy the snow – have a snowball fight with friends or go skiing – it’s a winter wonderland out there!
    1. Or you can take a page out of the bear book and hibernate for the winter, but

      somehow, in the city, I don’t think that will work out so well!